Joe Hudspeth 

Born and raised in Central Oregon some 70 or so years ago,  I found that
 we have a basic need for beauty in our lives.    After retirement in 2011,  I sought to hone my skills with the
 camera enabling me to capture the beauty of this land.    few years ago, a dear friend introduced me to the Wild 
Horses of this West and I enjoy capturing the essence of these beautiful creatures.    They are not my only habit however,  
as I love the landscape, aging structures and the car and air shows too!     It is my hope that you, the viewer,  will sense
 and feel the same things I did when the photograph was taken.    The beauty and purity of our land is absolute, 
 and to be able to capture this beauty,  well.......that is my pursuit.
Thank you for stopping by.   
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